Friday, October 23, 2009

How NTSB can prove that the pilots fell asleep?

The plane who overshot Minneapolis airport had 2 pilots sleeping, that's probably the case. The question is how the NTSB will be able to prove that, when both of them are sticking to the story and there were no other person in the cockpit?

Iran is starting the game again

The fact that Iran is coming with a counterproposal to the US backed uranium plan shows that there will be a long time until the West will be able to stop Iran from his ambitions.

Is this a solution or a step toward destroying free enterprise ?

  • Top executives from 6 bailed out companies saw their pay decreased between 20 to 50 %. Is that a good strategy? It can be, but most likely for the time being is a step toward government run businesses.
  • Why in the world we need to give public money to private businesses, and more than that, why the CEO's of these companies went to beg the Bush administration for money in the first place? What's wrong with this picture? Looks like this was a very calculated step from the Bush administration at the end of the term to accept to get into this wrong game where government gives public money to private companies. This action orchestrated by Hank Paulson scaring the Congress about how quick and not debatable at all has to happen, left Obama administration in a very tough position to either continue this involvement or to stop and risk to see unemployment raise above what we see today. Obama chose to continue to dive into this issue, at this point this can be debatable whether or not this was a bright decision, but once Obama entered into this involution (I call this involution, since is against the capitalism and its principles) now we start to see actions against CEO's of these private companies.
  • On the personal level some would say that this is a good thing because they were making anyway too much money, way too much money comparing with the ordinary american citizen. On the other hand some are wondering if this is good for the capitalism? Certainly is not a step ahead, but maybe is necessary given the present circumstances.
  • Does anyone believe that at the end of this Involution will be anything left out of these companies?